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Malagueta Peppers in Brazil
Acai Berries for Acai Powder

K DELICIA maintains a strict collaboration with accredited Brazilian food producers who specialize in creating exceptional pepper products that meet international standards for quality, processing, and sanitation. Our Malagueta, Habanero, and Carolina Reaper products are all certified non-GMO and kosher parve to ensure that only the best and highest quality products are provided to our clients.

K DELICIA takes its name from the Brazilian Portuguese expression “How Lovely,” and our mission is to provide our clients with peppers and foods from Brazil that evoke the same feeling of delight. Since 2020, we have been offering a variety of Brazilian-made foods to customers across the United States, with new products added to our lineup each year.

Carolina Reaper Pepper

k delicia Peppers and Foods

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Hot peppers from brazil

Carolina Reaper Mash

The hottest chili in the world, crushed to mash form with visible pepper membranes.

Carolina Reaper Puree

The Hottest Pepper in the World is milled into a smooth puree  for the preparation of hot sauce.

Habanero Mash

Brazilian Red Habanero Peppers pounded to a mash for Hot Sauce and Food Production.

Habanero Puree

Brazilian Red Habanero Peppers Milled to a Smooth Paste for the Hot Sauce and Food.

Malagueta Mash

Brazil’s most popular pepper, crushed  into Mash with visible membranes and seeds.

Malagueta Puree

The most popular pepper in Brazil, ground to a paste that is smooth with visible seeds.


To make your own sauce from scratch, use whole Malagueta Pepper conserved in vinegar.

Malagueta Peppers

Brazil Nuts

Acai Berry Powder

Cashew Nuts

Guarana Powder

Guarana Syrup

Carolina Reaper

Habanero Peppers


Brazilian Nuts, Sauces, Fruit Powders and Syryps for everyone to Enjoy!!

Organic Acai Powder | Guarana Powder

acai berry powder & guarana powder | GUARANA syrup


K DELICIA is a provider of premium Brazilian-made packaged foods, including Cashews, Brazil Nuts, Guarana Powder, Guarana Syrup, and Organic Acai Powder available in bulk and consumer packaging. Additionally, we offer Brazilian peppers in Vinegar Conserve, Mash, and Puree, which are perfect for both individual consumers and commercial establishments, such as restaurants and food facilities, as well as hot sauce manufacturers. All of our peppers are certified Kosher Parve and Non-GMO Verified, ensuring their quality and purity. You can easily shop our products online at various online stores, or contact us directly for further information.

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