Guarana is a climbing shrub with large leaves and clusters of small, white flowers. Native to the Amazon River basin, the plant produces small, bright red fruits that split open when ripe. The seeds of the Guarana plant are commonly used for their medicinal properties, which include stimulating, astringent, and analgesic effects.

Guarana powder, which is made by grinding the seeds into a fine powder, is widely used in Brazil for its energy-boosting properties. The powder has a bitter taste and is sold in a brown sugar-like texture. K DELICIA offers the purest guarana powder available, which is produced from seeds grown in Bahia, Brazil. Our product is 100% Bahia-grown, planted, harvested, and ground, ensuring the highest quality and purity.

Unlike other guarana powders on the market, our product does not contain any fillers or additives. We prioritize delivering our guarana powder to our customers fresh, so that it maintains its natural flavor and nutritional value. If you’re looking for a pure, high-quality guarana powder, K DELICIA’s product is the best option available.

Specification For Guarana Powder

  • Type : Powder Form
  • Packaging: 25kg Jute Bags
  • Caffeine : (% MAX) – 3.2%
  • Grind :  Fine
  • Crop Year :  2022 Guarana Seed Crop
  • Origin : Bahia, Brazil

Natural Caffeine Powder

K DELICIA’s Guarana Powder is a great natural source of caffeine, with a content of 3.25% to 4% caffeine per 100g. This makes it an ideal ingredient for those looking for a caffeine boost without the jitters often associated with synthetic caffeine sources. Guarana seeds are used as a source of caffeine for many energy drinks, including the popular Guarana Antarctica. Incorporating K DELICIA’s pure Guarana Powder into your diet can provide you with a natural energy boost while also providing the health benefits of guarana, such as improved mental clarity and focus.

Packaging and Expiration

K DELICIA offers a high-quality Guarana Powder, naturally caffeinated with 3.25% to 4% caffeine per 100g. Unlike synthetic caffeine sources, our pure Guarana Powder provides a natural energy boost without the jitters. Guarana seeds are a popular source of caffeine for energy drinks, and our pure Guarana Powder can be easily incorporated into your diet for a natural energy boost and improved mental clarity and focus. Our Guarana Powder is made from Guarana seeds grown in Bahia, Brazil and is free of any fillers or additives, ensuring that you receive only the best quality product.