Malagueta Pepper Puree


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Introducing K DELICIA’s premium Malagueta Pepper Puree – the perfect way to spice up your dishes with a distinct and delicious flavor! Made from the finest “Extra” Malagueta Peppers from Brazil, our puree boasts a medium level of heat ranging from 50,000-100,000 SHU, giving your dishes a perfect balance of flavor and heat.

Our Malagueta Pepper puree is carefully crafted by milling the peppers into a smooth mixture with little to no membranes visible, while retaining the visible Malagueta Seeds. This ensures a perfect consistency that blends seamlessly into a variety of culinary applications, including hot sauce, barbecue sauces, wing sauces, salsa, tomato sauces, chili beans, soups, marinades, and much more.

So why settle for ordinary hot sauces when you can add an extra layer of flavor to your dishes with K DELICIA’s premium Malagueta Pepper Puree? Try it now and experience the taste of Brazil in every bite!


Product Information:

Appearance : Milled Malagueta Pepper with visible seeds

Heat (SHU): 50.000–100.000SHU

Scientific Name: Capsicum Chinense

Ingredients : Malagueta pepper, 9.3% alcohol vinegar, water and sodium chloride.

Color: Red

Odor: Characteristic

Aspect: Characteristic

Temperature: 50-95°F

Acidity: 0.8%–3.5%

pH: <4.5

Brix: 8°–15°

Kosher Certified: Yes

Additional information

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Pepper Puree


Malagueta pepper, 9.3% alcohol vinegar, water and sodium chloride.




Non GMO Verified

Shelf Life

24 Months


Below 80F and 70% humidity


Sodium Chloride (Salt) mixed in Water is used to Conserve the Malagueta Peppers after Harvest.


950 Ml / 32 Fl.oz Plastic Bottle
5 Liters / 169 Fl.oz Bucket